Argh! I’m so rubbish at updating ya’ll.

So what have I been doing? Well, I went back to Ukraine, and installed a show in a gallery with 5 British artists who were also on the British Council residency I was on back in September, but also the 4 Ukrainian artists who had been on a residency in Liverpool earlier on in 2016… I made a comic with conversations in from my travels, and a giant wall piece – 5m high, and 4m wide! I also sold my own ‘souvenirs’ that represented my own experience of the country and it’s people in the form of tea towels, keyrings, magnets, postcards and nesting dolls. I had a fantastic trip, and it was lovely to meet all the other British artists that were placed in different parts of Ukraine! Plus we got to stay at the amazing Hotel Salute – it’s an architectural marvel! It was also wonderful to meet up with my old Ukrainian pals, and go back to some of my favourite drinking haunts.



Photos by  Kostiantyn Strilets for the British Council

I am hoping to get my comic printed soon, so I can get it in the shop for purchase! Keep your eyes peeled, and I shall deliver…

I have also been working on a new project up north, collecting stories from people with Dementia across Lancashire funded by the local councils. It will end up as a beautiful website that shares the stories through audio, film, drawings and photos which will be completed in September. For now, I’ll be travelling up north a few more times, and continue to listen through hours of audio to pick out the best anecdotes and stories !!

Work on my next graphic novel continues, but I’m hoping they’ll be some big news on that front in the next few months, so keep checking back.