Los Campesinos!/Ankst Management

Tour Dates Poster

LC! ad

Los Campesinos! Album Cover

Album Cover

death to los campesinos! single


NME ad

NMEadHeres the banner part of the NME advert i have designed for Los Campesinos! Should be out in todays issue!

Los Campesinos 7″ Tweexcore

los campesinos! 7? designHeres the 7″ version of Los campesinos! ‘..Tweexcore Underground’ single that i should have posted a while back but have been busy beavering away working on their album cover due to be released in the new year – so watch this space!

T’other design..

SpinnyteeHeres my personal favourite out of the designs. I dont know which one other people prefer although i think Duncan saw someone wearing this one at one of his gigs!

Los Campesinos! T-shirt designs

Birdee-teeThis is one of the two tees I designed for Los Campesinos! You can purchase them here

The International Tweexcore Underground

The International Tweexcore UndergroundHeres the first single for Los Campesinos! that i have been enjoying working on. Check out their website that i designed.