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Update! Arts Council England grant, and Lancashire memories…

Yet again, I find myself forgetting to post over here! Well, it’s a busy time… maybe it’s always a busy time!

I’ve been working on a fantastic project up north in Lancashire, collecting memories from people with dementia. They’re going to be mostly audio sound bites, but they’ll be some narrative drawings too, and a few photos… I’m currently completing the final bits to be put together on that I’m building, once again with Gemma Leigh of Little Digital. The site should hopefully be going live in September. Here’s a snippet:


In other news, and this is incredibly good news, I’ve been awarded an Arts Council grant to complete my next graphic novel, A Puff of Smoke. Now, I can imagine you saying, “…but Sarah, you have a book deal!” And yes, I do. Jonathan Cape will be publishing my book in 2019, BUT the grant means I can focus entirely on the book, without having to take on any extra commissions. It also means I can afford to make my own font, employ a couple of people to help me towards the end to finish it, and set up a few talks/workshops in hospitals during the making process to share my work, and discuss A Puff of Smoke’s themes with professional health care practitioners, chronically ill patients, and their families and carers…all of which is very exciting!

So stay tuned, I will be making regular posts, and updating my twitter, and instagram regularly with my progress!


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