Monthly Archives: March 2009

View of London entry

Heres my entry for the AOI competition for an exhibition at the London Transport Museum. Its been accepted to be exhibited. Go see it from the 18th May in Covent Garden if you happen to be London bound.

When I Travel Alone

Heres a little something from my sketchbook that i take everyway with me.. This sketch is of a man at Gatwick station waiting on his own for his train. I wonder where he was travelling to?

Galerie Nord Eskimo folks!

I have just finished this design for Galerie Nord in Germany for the opening of their new gallery in the north of Halle.

Festival Times..for Plan B

Heres a new festivally piccy for Plan B, there are two versions as i couldnt decide which colour i liked more, i went with the blue one in the end..but am still unsure!!