Monthly Archives: November 2007



YCN in Stockholm

Stockholm we went to Stockholm for the private view where you can see my little piece, which i have posted. Its a piece I produced earlier this year and YCN kindly wanted to display it at their exhibition in Stockholm. We networked and mingled with many fine swedes and gave out a few of our fancy crayonlegs badges(please get in touch with if you fancy the look of them and maybe we’ll post you one out-see Duncans post for images). It was cold and even snowed but we had a lot of fun and thank YCN for a fun evening! Please click on the thumbnails to see the bigger picture!

T’other design..

SpinnyteeHeres my personal favourite out of the designs. I dont know which one other people prefer although i think Duncan saw someone wearing this one at one of his gigs!

Los Campesinos! T-shirt designs

Birdee-teeThis is one of the two tees I designed for Los Campesinos! You can purchase them here

The International Tweexcore Underground

The International Tweexcore UndergroundHeres the first single for Los Campesinos! that i have been enjoying working on. Check out their website that i designed.